Deep River

blueberriesshadow cabin handbirch pine shadow

A few photos from our visit to a family friend’s cottage, back in July. It was during a heatwave, and we couldn’t have picked a better place to be.


Multnomah Shawl

Last week I finished knitting my first shawl. I chose Multnomah because it has a beautiful lacy border, but the majority of it is straight garter stitch. (The idea of purling rows of 300+ stitches did not appeal to me as a first-timer!) The feather and fan border repeats were fairly easy to follow and not too busy for this wild yarn. I used a special DK weight yarn that I got for Christmas (from Yarn Ink), and I was careful to reserve enough for a picot edge bind-off. This modification was totally worth it! Check out my Ravelry project notes if you want more details and progress photos.

multnomah 2

mulnomah 3 multnomah 4 multnomah paige butterfly pillow
Oh, and a gratuitous photo of my smug cat.







Spruce Shrug

Well…I took a deep breath and added my first knitting pattern to Ravelry. I designed it for my daughter in January after becoming a little obsessed with the search for a specific shape, and all of the elements that I was looking for: open fit, only one button, and just a little bit of lace. I’m really thrilled with the way it turned out! So far I am offering it in one size for toddlers. It fits my slim, 2 year old daughter with room to grow.

The bonus is that it is a pretty quick and easy project; I used less than a full 200m ball of worsted yarn. The lace portion is very straightforward, and really only make up 12 rows out of the whole sweater. You can do it!

To download the free pattern, visit my Patterns & Tutorials page, or find it here on Ravelry.

january 2016 102

january 2016 109

Butterfly Pins

After making a pair of Luna Moth wings for my daughter’s Halloween costume, I decided to make some smaller, pin-back versions of butterflies. So far I’ve made two: a Monarch and a Mourning Cloak. Lately I have been busy working on other projects, but I can’t wait to get started on the third one. Stitching is so meditative, and I feel a deep sense of focus and accomplishment while working on them.

etsy monarch 2

january 2016 072

ETSY mourning cloak hand

ETSY mourning cloak 3

made from 100% Indian silk in front, and cotton on the back
details embroidered with cotton thread and glass beads or faux pearls
body knitted with 100% wool or acrylic/wool blend
black wire antennae and metal brooch pin sewn onto the back


Hedgehog Pincushions

This was a fun sewing challenge I had last week: hedgehog pincushions! I’m slowly but surely adding new items to my shop and I could not resist making a couple of these adorable (and functional) little woodland creatures. I used pink and brown floral cotton fabric and a fuzzy brown wool blend for the face and underside. The features are hand-embroidered and I used domed plastic buttons for the eyes.

hedgehog 1

hedgehog 1

Available in the shop:

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