Painted Ladies

Butterflies LOVE hot sunshine and we’d had such a rainy, dreary summer. This year, I hadn’t had much time for butterfly chasing in the city anyway, but they were noticeably absent at the cottage too.  Now that it’s fall, we are experiencing weather that finally feels like July: blue skies and sweltering heat. And butterflies.


Knitting Projects

Something that has been occupying my evenings has been knitting. It’s something I can do while we relax after our daughter has gone to bed. I’ve definitely gotten better since I started a few years ago, I can now follow a pattern and make simple modifications if necessary. Still, there is lots of room for improvement and as with everything I do, hindsight seems to be my weak point- you know, the “should-haves.”

In any case- one of the most satisfying parts, aside from actually completing a project, is photographing it. I pull bits and pieces from my nature collection and create a little still-life. I’m keeping track of everything on Ravelry if you want to stop by and say hi!

knit blue hat

ella mitts 2

What are you working on?

Nature Collection

nature collection organize (9)

On a recent rainy afternoon, I gathered all of my little treasures from around the house and put them together into a labeled box. I had dragonfly wings and wasp honeycombs in jars, fallen oak and gingko leaves pressed between pages of a book, and crow feathers in a vase. (I also have enough acorns to last the winter.) All for safe-keeping until I found a permanent place to store them. I still have no idea what to do with these things but at least I know where to find them now!

Autumn Gifts

Although we are experiencing a bit of a heat wave today, we have been loving the cool weather lately. We had enough wind and rain to kick me into knitting mode- which was just fine by me! I had until mid-September to knit a birthday gift for a little friend of ours. I have never knitted a hat before so I needed the extra time to get it right. The little mitts were easy-peasy, and I’ve almost finished some for my girl. I’m now using my Ravelry account, which has been really helpful for keeping track of everything.

mitts and hat

sept 2014 113

I continue to pick up little bits and pieces from walks; autumn is so great for that. Acorns, seed pods, rosehips, insect wings when I’m lucky. I am collecting things with the intention of using them in my pottery class (!) that starts in November.

sept 2014 213

sept 2014 107

Such a golden time of year~ escape with your camera if you can!

The Softer Side

Fall is all about flamboyant colours: fiery red, pumpkin orange and lemony yellow. I know I’ve said it before, but I prefer its softer side. Plum, coral, sage, blush, and its endless palette of faded browns are so peaceful. Instead of colours roaring like fire, faded leaves and dried flowers glow peacefully in the autumn sun.

fall 011

Fall 2013

fall 067


This morning a doctor’s appointment pushed us out of the house for a walk. I’ll admit I spend a lot of time indoors these days. It’s just easier to have everything we need at home, rather than packing it all up to set up camp somewhere else. It’s also getting colder out there. Regardless, we bundled up for the trip, but with the sunshine it was actually warmer than the forecast suggested.

Because it was such a lovely fall day, I decided to bring my camera and wander on the way home. Some of the best photos are taken looking up at the leaves in the trees, but my first instinct as an explorer is to look down. Underfoot never disappoints.

fall coral

fall blackeyed susans

fall colour

fall lavender

fall ground covers

fall oak

fall purple yellow

fall 019

fall zinnia

fall berries