Fairweather Blogger

It seems I only update this blog during cottage season. I can’t easily carry my big camera around with me during our day-to-day activities, so when we go to the cottage, I try to make up for it.

Here are some photos from our last trip to the cottage, over Canada Day weekend. It has rained pretty much all summer; that weekend was no exception. When we did go outside, it was in rain boots and sweaters. In July.

There weren’t a lot of butterflies (they are most active on hot sunny days) but we found a clutch of chubby monarch caterpillars on one of our walks. There were so many dragonflies too, more than I have ever seen.

Hope you are all having a beautiful summer so far!



Cottage Season

Our first trip this year was a bit later than usual, but worth the wait. Every year is familiar but always a little different. I have never seen so many dragonflies in past years, and the shy loons have been coming closer to the dock. Maybe I will finally catch a decent picture of them.

It is sweet to walk down the trails with our two-year-old, as she picks flowers and wild strawberries along the way. She loves getting dirty and doesn’t hesitate to climb any rocky hills we encounter. Despite her carsickness and the uncertainty of sleeping in an unfamiliar room, I think it’s going to be a fun summer.

dragonfly hand (2) copy

holding daisies copy

wake robin

I remembered the last photo from a couple of years ago, and thought it went so well with the first two.
I always take so many photos that it’s hard to narrow them down, so be prepared for more!


I’ve added a couple of new prints to the shop. They are remind me a little but of Autumn, but that’s what it looks like outside these days- very brown! Most of the snow has melted, but the green hasn’t quite sprung yet. We are supposed to get either (one last?) dump of snow tonight, or possibly an ice storm. I hope it doesn’t last!



Black and White Wings

I love colour; I am completely smitten by nature’s way of combining them symbiotically. And that is what I love most about photography. The other day, my Mum pointed out that there is a timeless, classic quality that emerges through black and white photography. I decided to make some black and white versions of some favourite photos (straight from the camera), and list them in my Etsy Shop.  So these are for you, Mum~ I hope you enjoy them!

BW Butterfly Painted Lady 2

BW Dragonfly

BW Butterfly Silvery Blue

BW Dragonfly 2


Here are a few more photos from our walk through the woods on Sunday morning. This dragonfly was a challenge for both of us. He was completely backlit, and camouflaged by tree branches. Flustered by his choice of perch, we crouched down low, and craned our necks, angling for the best point of view.

Nature doesn’t always stop for us, which can be frustrating, but also a learning experience.   Sometimes you can make it work in a surprising way, capturing something in a way you hadn’t noticed before. Other times it’s best to just enjoy the moment and move on. I guess what I’m trying to say is…

…have patience, but learn to let things go.

Dragonfly Silhouette


Spiderweb Orb Light

Wood Ducks at the Arboretum

On Sunday we had a quiet little picnic at the Arboretum. Although it wasn’t sunny at all, we found a tree to sit under, and enjoyed watching the ducks swim by. I was pleased to see three juvenile Wood Ducks near where we were sitting. Around here most of the ducks we see are Mallards, so I was really excited to see them. As ducklings they are brown with striped feathers, but as adults they are strikingly beautiful. (Click here to see the male Wood Duck from last January.)

I snapped a few photos before my camera battery died… oops! It so seldom needs to be recharged, it didn’t even occur to me. It’s probably for the best though. Here you only have to look at one photo of a baby wood duck instead of fifty. But isn’t he cute?

Wood Duck Juv


dragonfly purple flowers