Maplelawn Historic Garden

There’s a beautiful public garden not far from us, surrounded by a stone wall. I have no idea why in all of my 30 years, I’ve never walked through it. It’s a beautiful property on the edge of Westboro, attached to an old stone house (built in the 1830’s) that is now an upscale restaurant. The garden itself is manicured in a traditional European style, with symmetrical pathways around lush, wild beds of classic flowers: peonies, roses, poppies. It is definitely worth a visit- you might even see a bunny rabbit nibbling on the greenery!




rabbit lupine


Silly Goose

Before all of the snow had melted (there was still quite a bit, actually) we went down to Mud Lake for a walk. I spotted this funny-looking Canada Goose:

silly goose

The white face and patchy colouring stand out the most, but then I realized his feet and beak are orange instead of black! I have looked it up but I am still not certain if this is a natural colour mutation or a hybrid between a Canada Goose and a Greylag. As usual there seem to be a lot of theories on the internet. You can see a Canada Goose with normal colouring in the background of this photo:

silly goose 2

I have seen a goose like this twice before, just further down the river in years past. I can’t be certain if it’s the same one, returning to the same area. I know I took photos of it but I can’t find them. Must organize photos…


Check out some of these amazing photographs from Mud Lake that CPAWS posted recently on their facebook page. I can’t believe there are owls nesting there! How come I never see these things?