Mud Lake in September


september-2016-068 september-2016-119 september-2016-145A random, mid-week visit to Mud Lake. We all needed it. It is a great place to go for a walk, with many different trails to take. Some are heavily wooded and others take you along open (and often muddy!) water. The wildlife we often see include a variety of ducks (Wood Ducks are my favourite), geese, herons, chickadees, turtles, and squirrels. It is so wonderful to have places like this right here in town. On this particular day we drove with my mom, but we noticed that there are a few city buses that come pretty close. Click HERE for a map and description of the area.

While out in the woods, we actually ran into someone we know. My friend Amanda Sage, who shares my love of photography, was out bird-watching. She is also a talented writer, who has just published a children’s book to raise funds for CHEO.


Forest Floor Gems

A few little gems from the cottage, including a couple of rare sights to check off my must-see list.



The owner of the cottage at the end of the road has left her property virtually untouched. The landscape is truly magical; it is mostly populated with birch trees, moss and lichen, with a small group of Lady’s Slipper Orchids hidden among the ferns. (I’ll have more pictures of those birch trees.)


While chasing butterflies and hummingbirds one day, I saw an odd little hybrid of both floating through the garden. It was neither~ I immediately recognized it as a Hummingbird Moth, but it disappeared before I could get a good look at it. A couple of days later I was walking past the same spot and found it resting in one of the flowerbeds. I ran back in to get my camera, but there was really no hurry; when I came by again several hours later it was in the same spot. Asleep.



Today I Saw….

This year, August has had unusually cool weather. It feels more like fall around here, even more so with all of the turkeys I’ve seen lately. Early the other morning I spotted this foursome by the edge of a wooded area, and last week I saw a family of baby turkeys waddling across a busy road nearby.


Turkey 2

On my morning commute yesterday, I saw these four turkeys again, but this time a doe and fawn were walking toward them (well, the fawn was awkwardly trotting, as young ones do). I also saw a fox running along the riverside bikepath~ probably the first time I’ve seen a fox in the city.